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Family Medicine


The Department was established on the 12th of December, 2017, by the Senate of the University of Ilorin at its 267th Meeting. This development was the climax of the determined effort of Dr Kola Moradeyo Alabi  who was the Head  of Department of Family Medicine at the University of Ilorin Teaching hospital, Ilorin (UITH) for many years. He worked with several others to see to the realization of this  dream before his retirement in 2017. The pioneer staff  include Dr. L.O. Odeigah who was foundation Coordinator of the Department and Dr (Mrs) A.N. Alabi. The first set of 500 Level Medical Students started their Family Medicine posting on 21st May, 2018.


The philosophy of the Family Medicine discipline in the MB;BS programme is to produce medical doctors that will be able to integrate the knowledge and skills acquired in the various specialties, bearing in mind the family and social dynamics for patient management at primary and secondary levels of health care. It is also to empower medical students with hands on skills necessary to offer holistic, cost-effective, and family centered medical service at the primary care level.


The objectives of Family Medicine Postings in the MB;BS programme include to:

  1. Develop clinical medical students that will be able to competently handle common health problems at the primary care level as medical practitioners with minimal supervision;
  2. Develop clinical medical students that will be able to identify health problems that are appropriate to be managed at the primary care level and those that need to be referred;
  3. Teach clinical medical students the use of Patient-Centered Clinical Method of consultation;
  4. Produce medical graduates with good communication skills necessary to initiate and maintain excellent relationship with patients and their family members;
  5. Produce medial graduates that have basic and scientific knowledge in complementary and alternative therapies in use in their local environment.


A total of Four weeks posting in the Department of Family Medicine is proposed. It would be broken into two weeks each at 500 and 600 Levels respectively during the current four week duration 500 and 600 Level clinical COBES postings respectively. The first posting will be called (Family Medicine 1), and is proposed to be incorporated into the 500 Level clinical COBES posting. It is proposed to last for 2 weeks. The second posting will be called (Family Medicine 2). It is also proposed to last 2 weeks during 600 level COBES posting.

The proposed two weeks will take place at Community based clinics during which lecturers from Family Medicine Department would deliver lectures and conduct clinical activities in clinics to which the students have been posted for the posting.