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Epidemiology and Community Medicine


At the end of their training in Epidemiology and Community Health, the products, as medical officers of health, should be able to:

1.Function effectively in providing primary health care (PHC) services.

2.Make adequate community diagnoses.

3. Identify and proffer solutions to health problems of public interests

4  Mobilize communities to take responsibilities for their health

5 Seek and mobilize resources for health care management and

6.            Carry out community-based research activities.

It is clear from these objectives that the scope of the curriculum entails the PHC concepts which address the main health problems of the community providing promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitatives.    However, since these services reflect and evolve from the economic conditions and social values of each community, they vary in character in each community, but usually include at least the following components which are emphasized during lectures, seminars and field trips.